Is It Really Expensive To Get A Pet Cat Or Dog?

Is It Really Expensive To Get A Pet Cat Or Dog?


At first thought two probable outcomes come to mind, “Of course it is!”or “Expensive? No way!” Well, my answer lies somewhere in the middle.  Whether opting for a cat or a dog, avenues such as adoption, breeder purchases, or rescuing a stray each carry their unique financial considerations. We will look into what it means getting a pet and what you should consider before committing. 

The Best Way To Get A Pet  

When you first get a pet, there are several ways and methods of getting your hands on a new furry family member. Adoptions, buying from a breeder, or even saving a stray. But each way has its own costs. With adoption, you might not need to pay for you new pet but will have to pay application fees and other administrative costs with the agency you work with. While the option can be cheaper than getting from a breeder you aren’t really able to pick exactly what breed and age of pet. Getting from a breeder on the other hand allows more flexibility with choice. You can get the exact breed, gender, and age you want. However, all of this comes with a hefty price tag. Saving a stray is by far the cheapest way to get a pet as you don’t pay for anything, you find an animal in need and give it a home, period. 

What Are The True Costs Of Owning A Pet Cat Or Dog? 

Once you brought home your new furry family member, now is where the costs can vary greatly. Firstly, what are the sleeping arrangements going to be, having a separate bed or them sleeping with you? Food and water Bowls? Toys? Clothes? The list can go on forever. If you are the type of person who looks at cute cat or dog pictures wearing adorable outfits, then getting a pet might get more expensive. However, if you are one who can restrain themselves from buying those outfits then you might be ok. It's the extra stuff that makes getting a pet really expensive. 

What you also need to figure in is the type of food you want to provide for your pet as well as possible medication they might need. If you found yourself a stray and took them into the vet, your vet might prescribe you costly medication for your pet. Medical expenses can be avoided by purchasing pet insurance, but these plans come at a monthly cost and only cover limited services. According to research, very few pet owners actually used there pet insurance, but when they did, it helped to save them a lot at the vet!  


Are The Cost Of Pets Worth The Love They Bring?

One final note I want to touch on that I feel is quite often overlooked when buying a pet. That is, the unseen costs of damage and distress. What I mean by that is your dog peeing all over the house, your cat scratching your furniture, ruined electronics, stained carpet, pet hair everywhere, and let me not forget the stress of having to deal with all that and more. Now I’m not saying you should not get a pet, but you can start to see that pet costs can start to add up quickly, not just financially but emotionally as well.  

Is It Cheaper To Own A Cat Or Dog? 

As you have read in this post, whether you get a pet cat or pet dog, you are going to have countless other expenses to look forward to. Both come with their own unique traits but both come with equally the same costs. It comes down to you as to which type you would like to get and if you feel you are ready to start spending some more money each month on this new addition. Obviously you can’t quantify the love and affection a new pet will bring into your life, but you can calculate the potential added cost of having one.


Stay Blissful, Be Joyful 


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